Since this past November, I’ve been taking oil painting classes here in San Miguel de Allende and have fallen totally head over heels in love with this craft.

I’m taking lessons with a fantastic artist and have not surprisingly have been painting a few nude studies.

I actually dabbled in painting in high school and then concentrated elsewhere after high school and got pulled into photography.

It’s really interesting getting back into this after starting ten years ago and noticing how different it is this go around.

I used to think self consciously, Man, I don’t have the years of experience so many other artists have. What do I think I’m doing? Why start over and do something new?

Who cares?

And why not?

I have lots of experience in other things that has helped me immensely since I last picked up the paintbrush.

And most importantly, the heart wants what the heart wants.

I plan on continuing to pursue my painting studies alongside creating photographs. I love how the two influence one another.

I’ll soon be doing some painting studies based on fine art photographs I’ve taken, including some past client work. If you’d like to support me on my journey, I’d be happy to do a commission for you.

Stay tuned.