Yesterday to kick off my birthday weekend, my boyfriend and I went on a day trip to Michoacan. It’s about a 3 hour car ride from San Miguel de Allende.

First of all, Michoacan is beautiful. I loved getting out of the city into the mountains.

On the walk up to get the butterfly spot, the smell of pines was all around us and the closer we get, the quieter we had to be. Because the butterflies are very sensitive to the noise.

Once you get the concentrated area, everyone is whispering and the only sound you can really make out is the tiny flutter of many, many wings.

It really was a remarkable gift to visit the butterflies around my birthday. I see this time as an opportunity to sit with where I’ve been since my last solar return. And where I want to go.

During this trip, I realized nature reminds me to be myself. And shows me to be myself.

The trees stand silent and tall.

The birds sing without abandon.

And these butterflies were such an inspiration – they remind me that transformation, no matter how scary or different, can always be beautiful.

I’ve learned so much since last year and I think this year is about unfolding and unpacking all that. Bringing what I’ve learned from the crysallis, from Mexico, and beginning to really enjoy and share the fruits of that transformation.

Like the butterflies, take the lessons and it’s time to fly with them.