Teen Fashion Photoshoot

Earlier this year, I was contacted by Beatriz who wanted to gift a fashion photoshoot for her teenager’s birthday. Bella was turning 13, loves fashion and is interested in modeling. Her mom wanted to gift her something special, an experience that she would always remember. This really spoke to me and I was so excited! It was clear from our first conversations that they were really into exploring and creating something unique together. They kept saying how they wanted it to look very magazine, fashion-inspired, and different from a typical photoshoot for someone Bella’s age. But this shoot was more than just playing with lots of different kinds of clothes and makeup. It was truly a chance for Bella to express herself and have a day that celebrates her and who she is. I remember what it was like to be Bella’s age. You’re still figuring yourself out and how you see the world and finding your own way. Lots of people are trying to tell who you are and what you should be. A photoshoot allows you to get away from all that noise. It’s more than just taking pretty photographs, it’s about being your shameless, unapologetic self. It’s more than just putting on cool outfits, its about stepping away from reality and setting your imagination free in a safe, fun environment with a team of people who want to take care of you and lift you up. Needless to say, this shoot meant a lot to me and I couldn’t wait to start putting the details together and to start creating.

During their consultation, we discussed their vision for their photoshoot and they knew they wanted to create a variety of looks that were bold and all very different from one another. Beatriz is very crafty and creative and wanted to create some of the styling pieces herself for Bella’s photoshoot. Leading up to the photoshoot, I checked in with Beatriz to see how all the details were coming together and she sent me photos of accessories, outfits and even how a headpiece she was making was coming along. A few days before the photoshoot Beatriz asked if Bella’s best friend could join the shoot and I said “Heck yeah!”. I was super excited for this shoot and the opportunity to play creatively.

Shoot Day

When it was finally shoot day, we met at my downtown San Antonio studio. There was lots of fun energy going around because we had Beatriz, Bella and her two sisters and best friend, my team of two hair and makeup artists plus myself. I knew it’d be a fun girls’ day in the studio. Beatriz showed me all the pieces she had worked hard on, including a fabulous floral headdress! I was super impressed and stoked to photograph it! This was Bella’s first real photoshoot but from start to finish, she rocked it. I did coach and guide her through the photoshoot but she naturally moved well and took direction beautifully. There were lots of poses she did on her own without even realizing they looked awesome for camera. Several times I had to say, “Stop right there! Don’t move! That looks perfect!”

These are just some of my favorite images from our shoot. We captured a variety of looks and Bella was such a chameleon.

bella teen fashion photoshoot brown background in studio by lexi murzea2 bella teen fashion photoshoot brown background in studio by lexi murzea1

As we moved through the looks, I changed up my lighting and backgrounds to achieve the mood and tone we had set out to accomplish. The hair and makeup changed with each look and my team did a fantastic job bringing our vision to life.

bella teen fashion photoshoot floral creative mexican photo by lexi murzea2

bella teen fashion photoshoot floral creative mexican photo by lexi murzea1

This fantastic headdress was made by Bella’s mom! Can you believe it!

bella teen fashion photoshoot vintage old hollywood photo by lexi murzea1 bella teen fashion photoshoot vintage old hollywood photo by lexi murzea2

This black and white vintage look is one of my favorites. It’s just so different and really makes me feel like I’m going back in time. Bella totally has that old Hollywood glam attitude reminiscent of some of the most iconic movie stars.

bella teen fashion photoshoot glam dress in studio by lexi murzea1 bella teen fashion photoshoot glam dress in studio by lexi murzea2

Our last look was this fantastic red dress that we had rented for a very glamorous but fun look. I love the pop of red against the white background and the contrast with Bella’s dark features.

By the end of the shoot, everyone was exhausted but proud of what we had all done together. Once it came time for Bella’s Reveal & Ordering appointment, I was so excited to show them the results of their and my team’s hard work. Everyone was ‘oohing’ and ‘ahhing’. For their final presentation, they decided on a beautiful photo album in a coffee table art book style with a teal Buckram cover. Before they left the studio, Beatriz was already getting ideas about our next shoot together for the rest of her girls and I can’t wait to have them back! I always say that photoshoots can be addicting and you should experience one at least once in your life, if not more. Like I said, this is a chance to get away from the everyday and celebrate you. You deserve it. This experience and the portraits we create are forever and it’s an honor to do this everyday with such incredible people.


My downtown San Antonio studio

Hair & Makeup

Makeup Artist – Dora Vera

Hair Stylist – Marci Madla

If you or someone else you know need a chance to get away from reality and be pampered by my team for a photoshoot of your own, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d love to chat with you! Call me at 210-460-0908 or fill out the inquiry form below.

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