If I want to participate on someone else’s stage, I’ve got to play by their rules.

But I can’t help but question the rules. Convention.

This photo got removed from Instagram for breaking their guidelines.

Which permits photos with nipples, genitals and sexually explicit content.

The first time I posted it, I cropped the nipple. Because an areola is not a nipple.

It was taken down. Censored.

Posted again and cropped the areola out.

Taken down again.

Which must mean the pubic hair is sexually explicit.

What’s weird is that drawings of sexual acts and genitals are allowed on instagram.

But the real thing, not accepted.

It gets really frustrating hearing these messages all the time.

That showing something completely natural to the human body is obscene and unacceptable.

But unnatural hairless is not sexually explicit?

Sex is the creative force on this universe, it’s not just limited to human procreation.

Without the dance of the masculine and feminine energies, we wouldn’t have life.

Why is a nude child innocent but not a nude adult?

When did we forget our innocence?

When will we overcome the shame?