Fine Art Nude Workshop

What this workshop will be like:

This is a fast paced, creative and serious workshop for the curious and committed. You will learn how to photograph the human nude form in a timeless and unique way utilizing artistic principles employed by the great masters. You will gain practice directing and working with models and balancing the hats of director and creator. There will be 2 organized shooting opportunities for you shooting opportunities and one will include a clothed shooting session where you yourself are photographed as well. It’s important to be able to understand the model experience firsthand in order to truly empathize and productively work with a model.

2 coordinated shooting opportunities will be with professional models, one male and female. There will also be demonstrations going over the way Lexi works with studio and natural light, shooting models, and editing. At the end of each day, there will be a peer review and critique. It’s important to be able to analyze and respond to your work and the work of others, to grow as an observer and visual artist.

By the end of the workshop, you will have images ready for your portfolio or to share with clients.

Who this workshop is for:

  • You want to offer fine art nude sessions to your clients as a new offering.
  • You’re interested in shooting fine art nude work and want to get practice and build a portfolio before coordinating your own shoots.
  • You’re brand new to the genre and want to jump in and explore a timeless art form.

This 2 day Fine Art Nude Workshop includes:

  • Lighting, posing, photoshoot and editing demonstrations.
  • Several group discussion periods where you will share your goals and observations during the workshop and learn from others experiences.
  • One-on-one shooting time with male and female professional models.
  • Peer review and critique after each shooting session.
  • *Travel to/from event and lodging not included.

Workshop schedule:


6-7pm Meet and greet at a local restaurant. Refreshments included.


8-9am Group exercise. Why the nude. Your why. Be here now discussion.

9-10am Lighting demonstration and discussion, learn to observe and see.

11am -12pm Directing and posing demo.

12-1pm – Lunch, included.

1-2pm Photo empathy exercise & discussion.

2-4pm Photograph the models studio.

4-5 Editing and break.

5-6pm Peer review & discussion.


8am-10am Discussion on principles of art

11am-12pm Drawing exercise with model, gesture, to understand the relationship of lines, the subject in space, and how to lead the eye with gesture/suggestion

12-2pm Shooting models outdoors

2-3pm Lunch.

3-5pm Editing, break.

5-6 Peer review & discussion.


*Payment plans available through Paypal Credit.


Lexi has over 10 years of photography, acting and modeling experience. She built a thriving boutique portrait business in San Antonio, Texas and currently still serves her clients while focusing more on her personal work and teaching. Her experience coordinating and managing acting classes, building and running a photography studio and modeling lends an interesting twist of approaches to her shooting style and photography philosophy. One that pulls principles that are foundational to all great art forms, like painting and drawing, not just photography. To create images that intelligently utilize gesture, value, and composition will make your work more interesting and compelling, regardless of your shooting style.