behind the scenes boudoir photoshoot with lexi murzea

What can I expect from my boudoir photoshoot?

You can expect a finely tuned, gentle process that allows you be to completely involved and self-expressed every step of the way. Many clients plan their photoshoot around big life occasions like an anniversary or birthday or as a gift for themselves and their partners. In the end, they all walk away from their experience with this reminder close to their heart – I am worth celebrating, each and everyday.

I’ll hold your hand during the planning of your session and on photoshoot day. Each session is like a custom art commission. This means nothing is standard or cookie cutter. Clients are often surprised at just how empowering this experience can be. I see myself as an artist with a camera and aim to create one of a kind work for one of a kind clients. This means we will dream together of what the perfect photoshoot looks like for you.

What is included in the boudoir photoshoot?

A boudoir photoshoot includes an in-person pre-shoot planning session, professional hair and makeup artistry, and 90 minute photoshoot (typically 3 outfits) with complete posing guidance and direction, and same day post-photoshoot ordering appointment. It’s about a half day experience and you leave the studio knowing you rocked it and how we will present your one of a kind photo art.

Where will the photoshoot take place?

Most clients opt for their photoshoot to take place in my private downtown loft studio in Seguin, Texas. It’s perfectly halfway between San Antonio and Austin. It has elevator access, tall ceilings, original wood floors and is dripping in natural light. I have an alternate daylight studio in downtown San Antonio that has a more modern, industrial aesthetic. I also love to photograph clients outdoors when we have access to a secure location. I’ve even worked with clients at their own homes, bed and breakfasts and Airbnb’s. We can discuss which location will be ideal for you at your planning session.

What does the photoshoot session cost?

The whole boudoir photoshoot experience is $690 and includes a $500 image credit to spend however you’d like. This experience is not one-size fits all so you decide exactly what you’d like to purchase once you see your images. Most clients end up investing between $2500-$5000 for their art products.

I love the idea of printed, physical art but what about digital images?

All art products include the corresponding digital negative. So if you purchase a 25 image album, you will receive those same images on USB. If you purchase large scale wall art, you will receive those same digital negatives as well.

I don’t know how to pose! Will you help me?

Absolutely! Most of my clients have limited camera experience and have no idea how to pose. As a photographer with acting and modeling experience, I know how to gently guide and coach you throughout your entire session. I even get into the poses with you and show you exactly what to do.

What kind of experience do your hair and makeup artists have? Can I do my own makeup?

My trusted hair and makeup artists have extensive experience with clients of all ages and ethnicities. They maintain a full kit to create a complete and custom look just for you. My clients appreciate the time to relax and get pampered before their photoshoot. An artist is also available to stay on set for touch ups and changes if you’d like additional styling. If you have any particular requests, feel free to send your ideas prior to the shoot so we will be totally prepared for you.

If you’d like to do your own styling, I’ll give you some tips and advice for preparing for your session at our in-person planning session prior to your shoot.

Do I have to pose nude?

Definitely not! Your photoshoot is yours and together, we will plan the ideal session for you. However, most of my clients do request at least one nude look because it is one of my specialties. I‘m often told that these images are some of their favorites. You’ll wear as much or as little as you’d like.

Can I be photographed with my partner/best friend/mom?

Absolutely! Most clients want to have the experience to themselves but I love opening up the studio to include your most special relationships. I suggest we spend most of the photoshoot on you and invite your guest to come toward the end.

When and how do I view the images from my shoot?

After your photoshoot, I invite you to take about an hour and half to have lunch and get refreshed and come back to the studio for your same day ordering appointment. I will prepare the best of your session to view on a large screen TV. I’ll have product samples to show you the different possibilities of how you can enjoy your images for years to come.

What is your approach to editing and retouching?

I aim to create images that are as finished as possible through careful crafting and flattering lighting. I want you to look at your images and recognize and love your unique self, so I have an extremely gentle hand when it comes to retouching. I do not do excessive slimming or smoothing of skin nor do I want my images to ever ‘look’ airbrushed. I often spend most of my editing time softening any elements of the images that may distract from you. Things that are permanent like scars, freckles, stretch marks and wrinkles are usually left to stay but lightly minimized so we can focus on your beautiful form or smiling face. I take all client requests into consideration when it comes to editing and retouching.

What kind of products do you offer?

I offer Queensberry albums and books and wall art in a variety of mediums. At your ordering session, I will have samples for you to see and touch.

I’m not sure I want to be featured on your website/online. Will you make sure the images stay private?

Client privacy is of utmost importance to me. It thrills me to share my work with the world but your comfort will always be priority. I will always ask for your permission before any images are shared with anyone, anywhere. I assume by default that clients want to keep their images private and I am delighted when I am given permission to share any images. Even if it means using images where we can’t see your face or with careful cropping. Because boudoir is so intimate, much of my work is not shared publicly and this allows my clients to feel totally comfortable in the image creating process.

What days can I book my photoshoot?

Photoshoots take place Monday through Friday and start at 11am for optimal natural light.

How do I book a boudoir photoshoot with you?

You can fill out an inquiry form here or send an email to lexi@leximurzea.com.