Mother Daughter sessions are some of my favorite…My mom is one of my best friends…I recently was able to pamper her with a photoshoot of her own and the only way that could get any better would be to experience it together. Getting our hair and makeup done, watching one another be photographed, spending the day laughing, reliving old memories and making new ones together…

My clients, Dulce and Dulcinea came into the studio for a mother daughter photoshoot and it was a beautiful day. They starred in my studio film that you can watch below. It was a long day of me not only shooting their portraits, but us being recorded by the video crew. We had an amazing time and I’m so grateful for them and my hard-working, creative genius of a crew.

It’s clear from the moment you see Dulce and Dulcinea together that they are more than mother daughter, they are best friends. I am so honored to know them, to have spent this day with them, and captured their amazing, kind, generous spirits and the incredible bond they share. Now Dulce and Dulcinea have memories that are forever preserved in beautiful portraits.


I’m not a mom but I know as a woman that it can be tough to make time to slow down and treat yourself. I know that it can be hard to allow yourself to be vulnerable and be seen by someone else. Being photographed is important and too many of us put it off – I need to lose weight first, when my hair grows out, when work slows down, etc. There are lots of excuses to put off a shoot. But let me ask you, if not now, then when? How long will you put off celebrating you, your journey, your relationships? There will come a day when your loved ones will look for images of you and your life together. What will they find?

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