If you’re looking for a boudoir photographer, you might be engaged and planning a sexy, surprise gift for your groom to be or yearning for an experience to connect with your femininity and see yourself in a new light. During your search, you’ll likely come across many boudoir photographers and ask yourself, how do I know which one is the right one for me? 

There are a few very important things to consider before you make your decision. Boudoir photography can be an incredible, life-changing experience – with the right photographer.

Be inspired by their work.

Choose the boudoir photographer that inspires and speaks to you. When you see their images, do you feel yourself wanting to be photographed in a similar way, through their eyes? Choose the photographer whose work is most similar to what you would like to achieve with your own images. You will see women that look like you. They tell stories that resonate with you. You’ll be moved by their portfolio, and that’s a telltale sign that, creatively, you both are a good fit.

Your photographer should take care of you from the start.

From they way your boudoir photographer speaks on their website to initial inquiry and throughout the entire process, you feel at ease and trust that you are in good hands. Boudoir photography is so intimate and you want a teammate that’s going to make the process as easy and comfortable as possible. They will respond to communications promptly. Your boudoir photographer will be a confident director with the ability to bring out the best in you while still being considerate and attentive to your needs and feelings. They will totally prepare you for your shoot so your experience is the best it can be. During your photoshoot, they will pose and direct you from head to toe so you feel and look amazing and you are in love with your images.

fifi beautiful sexy boudoir photo in backlight by lexi murzea photography

Your photographer will (gently) push you to enjoy this experience for you.

Sure, they’ll be over the moon that you took the time to think of and create such a thoughtful, artistic gift for them. You dropped your walls and your clothes to share this intimate, special part of you with them. But it’s not all about who you’re giving this to. Find a photographer who will push you to enjoy and even revel in this experience, all for you. You deserve it! You will walk away from their boudoir experience with a newfound respect and appreciate for their body and the strength it took to bare it. You will look in the mirror with more love, gratitude, and kindness. 

Hair & Makeup is covered.

Hair and makeup is a vital part of the boudoir photography experience. Your hair and makeup artist will pamper you before your shoot, allowing you to relax and unwind before your photoshoot. They’ll enhance your look and highlight the features you want to shine – maybe your stunning eyes or create bombshell waves. Because you’ll be photographed in several different outfits, a hair and makeup artist that will stay for touchups and changes is ideal. Your boudoir photographer should coordinate professional hair and makeup for you because they have trusted girls that they work with and know that their style will complement their photography. 

You are investing in yourself.

As a woman, I know firsthand that I put others’ needs above my own. If you’re planning a wedding, buying a house or have children, you might put yourself far down the priority list. That could mean that you feel guilty about doing a boudoir photoshoot, period. But let me tell you this: You are an amazing wife, daughter, mother, sister, bestfriend. You give so much. Allow yourself to receive. You are so loved. Allow yourself to love you for a moment. We can only give give give so much until we are empty. A boudoir experience will refill your vessel and you will go back home, to your loved ones and work reinvigorated. Allow the photographer who moves and excites you most to be the more important requirement rather than one that is lower-priced but not as provoking and inspiring.

sensual boudoir photo in studio backlight by lexi murzea photography

There will be art starring you.

After your photoshoot is the most exciting part… your photographer will show gorgeous images of yourself that you love. Images that express your unique personality – your sassiness, your sensuality, your beauty. Images that show you in a new light, the way your partner has seen you all along. What will you do with these images? If you’re like me, you have a lot of digital images stored on your phone and computer of precious moments…you swear you’re going to do something with them one day but it never happens.

Now imagine being able to wake up to a stunning image of yourself that you love on the walls of your bedroom or bathroom? Or a glamorous portrait in your walk-in closet? Or a handcrafted album with a collection of images, telling the story of you that your partner will look at time and time again…

Some clients are anxious initially about displaying images of themselves but we proudly show photos of our kids, our families, art…why not display a timeless piece of art starring you? Who said that we couldn’t be proud of the strong, courageous, beautiful women that we are the same way that we are proud of the ones we love most? Your photographer will guide through the art creation process and inspire you with the many possibilities of enjoying your images.

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