Kelli’s Portrait & Boudoir Photoshoot

Kelli is an actress and has a warm, kind soul. She’s sassy and teaches water aerobics. She’s the type of person who listens with her whole heart and being with her is like being with family. Her portrait & boudoir photoshoot was a total girls day. I’ve photographed her 3 times now and this was my favorite. We shared stories, we laughed, we build each other up. This is why I do what I do. For the connections. The stories. The beautiful portraits that celebrate beautiful women. Here’s what Kelli had to say about her experience.

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I’ve had the privilege of photographing you three times now. What are your thoughts on those experiences? 

“I have always been extremely pleased with the shoot and the results. But I’ve seen Lexi grow as a photographer with each session. It’s obvious she takes her profession extremely serious, and has worked very hard to make it a top notch photography business in all aspects.”

Heading into your most recent portrait & boudoir photoshoot, how would you describe how you feel?

“Excited, but a bit nervous, especially about the boudoir.”

Aside from beautiful photographs, what else did you hope you get out of this experience?

“I expected my makeup to be done by a professional that understands makeup for camera, which I do not. Also, knowing Lexi would direct me through the shoot, which she is so wonderful at doing, I expected to be able to pose and photograph better than I would normally.”

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During the shoot, what happened specifically that helped ease any anxiety or fears?

“I can’t say anything specifically, because Lexi has always been so easy to work with. I’ve always felt very comfortable with her.”

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being most confident) how would you rate how you feel about yourself post-shoot?

“I’m not saying I think I’m a 10, but I think the photos are a 10, as far as how I turned out!”

How did it feel seeing the final printed portraits for the first time with your husband? “Wonderful. We were both extremely pleased.”

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Do you think there’s a difference between digital and printed portraits and how we enjoy them?

“Digital is very convenient, of course. But there’s nothing like the real thing. Kind of like reading a book on line, or holding a printed, hardback book. No comparison.”

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Anything else you wish to share?

“Just that I will never consider another photographer in the future. I will always go to Lexi. (Unless she moves to L.A. or New York!)”

Kelli’s Folio Box

When I held Kelli’s box of favorite portraits from her shoot…I almost didn’t want to part with it! Queensberry products are the creme de la creme and I am so proud to offer them to my clients! Because Kelli’s shoot was so classy, she opted for an elegant embossed Folio Box in Carbon. What’s great about the folio box is that it can easily be kept on a bookshelf or coffee table for display or kept under the bed for privacy. Kelli will be able to hold these thick, matted portraits in her hands and remember this time in her life.


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