About Lexi

Photographer, painter, yogini and astrologer.

The human body has always been a source of profound inspiration for me.

After I saw the Titanic when I was 5 years old, I drew my first nude inspired by that infamous scene.

But I must admit, I haven’t always had a healthy relationship with my own body.

What I’ve learned on the other side of these experiences is that my relationship to my body and self is the most important relationship of my life.

My acting experience introduced me to the power of embodying different people and their ideas. Through different experiences, we discover. And we can decide what we want to take and leave from them.

A photoshoot, is an invitation to do just that –  to be completely present in your body, mind and heart and allow yourself to create something meaningful from that place. To look into a different kind of mirror, one where you can create and own the reflection you want to see.

I have found through photographing many individuals that being photographed can be unnerving but can also powerful positive impact on one’s relationship with their body and sense of self.

Art can bring new understanding, integration, healing and meaning. I seek to create a space and work that empowers these ideas through the expressive beauty of the human form.

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