About Lexi

Photographer, painter, model and yogini.

I believe our relationship with ourselves is the prism we look at the world around us with.

I also believe it is the most precious relationship we have.

Art can bring new understanding, integration and healing to this relationship with ourselves.

This is what drives me and my work.

I seek to live artfully and this permeates my entire creative process and life, not just behind the camera.

I seek to create a space and work that empowers these ideas through the expressive beauty of the human form.

A photoshoot with me is an invitation to be completely present – in your body, mind and heart – and allow yourself to create something meaningful from that place.

To look into a different kind of mirror, one where you can create and own the reflection you want to see.

Where you can be the architect of your experience or completely surrender to the unknown.

My clients often emerge from their shoots with a renewed confidence, joy and sense of self.

For me, this work is a privilege and I treat each photoshoot as a precious, one of a kind experience, tailored just for you.