Day 1

The idea behind this project is to connect more deeply to my intuitive creative process. I want to challenge myself to create a photograph everyday.

I also want this project to help me let go of preconceived ideas, directing, analyzing, and procrastinating. I am at my best when I’m not dictating every moment.

By interrupting this pattern with a new one, one of daily creation, without question, manually puts me back in this intuitive flowing process.

I know there will be disappointing pictures but I’m embracing the idea of Wu-Wei, non-doing. Inaction. Embracing the perfection of the moment because the universe knows what its doing.

Our new apartment in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico has these gorgeous windows and I was sort of liking the photos I was getting in front of the kitchen window. But it felt like it had no energy to it, no gesture, not going anywhere.

And there’s another window with this interesting architectural detail that looked like a little cave.I figured I could fit in there and create some interesting gestures and it became a story. One of emerging from the darkness into the light. A timeless story we can all relate to, moment by moment. Fighting the lower nature, the ego, the selfishness because we find life in truth, goodness, connection.

I was hoping for 1 good picture today. And I ended up with about 10.

Here’s the set of images I captured today below. I’ll keep sharing my self portraits from the project here and on Instagram.

I’m enjoying the magic of the moment that emerged today. I might have conceived something like that with preplanning. But it felt all the better for the idea, the spark, to happen upon me and I was open to receive it.