Because you deserve portraits of yourself that you love and will treasure for years to come.


Who would you like to be photographed with?
Just me. I'd like enjoy this experience on my own.My mom. I'd love to have portraits of her and us together.My daughter. She needs to see how special and beautiful she is. This would be a day to remember.My partner. They could come at the end of the photoshoot to capture some portraits together and some of them on their own.My friends. This would be the perfect girls day. We'd like to capture individual portraits and a group portrait at the end.My family. The girls could get pampered and the boys can arrive at the end for a family portrait.
How would you like to be photographed? Check all that apply.Glamorous. I want to look red carpet ready.Classic. Elegant and dressy but not formal.Professional. I want to use my images for work.Casual. I want to look like "me".Sexy. I'd like to show a little skin in a daring dress or lingerie.Fine Art Nude. I want to artfully celebrate my body.Creative. I want to be the muse in a fine art styled portrait.

Which services are you interested in? Check all that apply.Professional stylist to source the perfect wardrobe for my shoot.I want Lexi to create and find custom pieces for me.I'd like to get my nails done in-studio the day of my photoshoot.
Where would you like to be photographed?
In Lexi's San Antonio, Texas studio. I want the studio experience without any distractions.Near San Antonio, Texas. I have a particular location in mind.A Dream Destination. I want Lexi and her team to come to a special location and I will cover all the costs of lodging and travel.

What will your images be used for?

Why do you want to be photographed?

Who can we thank for the referral?

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